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The Advanced Course Series

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The Advanced Course Series are 1 day courses aimed at Physiotherapists and Nurses who have already completed the 2 day course or for those who have experience in treating Digestive Health patients and are looking to improve their knowledge and skills in managing more complex presentations. 


Course Dates: TBC 2023 - One Welbeck Clinic London

The first course in this series is 'Complex Cases' where we will be using a problem-based learning approach to work through patient presentations that often involve multiple pathologies, breaking down assessment findings and formulate treatment and management options. There will also be teaching from Brigitte Collins - Global Clinical Education Manger for Macgregor Healthcare on the advanced use of Transanal irrigation as a rehabilitation tool and Lucy Kerrison - Dietician from The Gut Health Clinic led by Dr Megan Rossi aka 'The Gut Health Doctor', busting the myths surrounding intolerance testing and the best evidence based methods for helping this patient group.


You will be encouraged to bring a few of your own complex cases as part of the course and further information on this will be provided prior to the day.  This course will be an interactive way to learn and expand your scope of practice in line with the Biofeedback approach I teach on the 2 day course. It is only by being willing to look outside the standard mould of your 'physio' or nurse' role that you really open the door to a whole new way of helping patients. 

*Course outline to be released soon*

To sign up to the course please complete the registration form below and email back to Lucy

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