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Weight Training for the Pelvic Floor!

We know that exercising the pelvic floor muscles regularly is vital in maintaining bladder and bowel continence, preventing vaginal prolapse and providing sensation during sex. The Kegel8 Vaginal Cones can make a great addition to your exercise programme by providing feedback on your technique and a progression from regular pelvic floor exercises. 

I recommend progressing to vaginal cones once you’ve been performing pelvic floor exercises correctly for a while and feel you need to make things more challenging! The Kegel8 Vaginal Cones come in 3 different sizes and weight that you can progress through over time. It’s a great way to be actively training your pelvic floor.

How to use vaginal cones

  • Start with the largest cone which is the lightest weight, gradually building up to the smallest and heaviest weight over time.

  • Start by doing your pelvic floor exercises with the cone in place. The muscles will have to work harder to squeeze with added weight. The indicator clip can help you to see that the muscle is contracting.

  • Progress to walking around the house with the cone in place starting at 5 minutes and working up to 20 minutesYou can then start to do additional movements with the cone in place such as stairs, lunges and squats at home.

Top tips!

  • Always start with the lightest weight and build from there

  • Make sure you clean the cones before and after use

  • Using a lubricant can help with comfort of insertion, water based lubricants are recommended

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