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MAPLE Device

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Pelvic Floor Diagnosis
& Treatment 

The MAPLe uses high definition technology to allow accurate assessment and diagnosis of pelvic floor dysfunction. The 24 electrodes on the slim probe can identify muscle strength but also over activity in each layer of the pelvic floor complex including the external anal sphincter. This in-depth assessment allows for a truly bespoke pelvic floor rehabilitation programme to be provided.

The MAPLe probe allows for targeted electrical stimulation treatment to the exact problem area of the muscle. This helps with improving sensation, building muscle strength and reducing pain associated with muscle overactivity. 

The MAPLe device is also able to provide specific Biofeedback to help you find, activate or relax muscles that are not functioning correctly which is particularly helpful with bowel emptying. 

Visual Feedback

The MAPLe operates through an iPad using a high definition interface that allows you to see the entire pelvic floor activity during each session. We can compare measurements to previous visits allowing us to monitor the treatment and progress.

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Slim line probe

The MAPLe probe is for individual use and is easy to clean. The slim design of the probe ensures optimal patient comfort yet does not inhibit the MAPLe from always being able to take a measurement It can be used for all treatments. . With the MAPLe, measurements can be taken in a variety of positions.

Treatment Packages

The MAPLe device is designed to be used in a clinic setting and weekly treatments are advised for the majority of conditions.  Treatment packages are available, for more information please contact us here.


MAPLe system | Chapter 1 Introduction of the MAPLe system

MAPLe system | Chapter 1 Introduction of the MAPLe system

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